Are YOU using weasel words in your speech?

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NLP looks very thoroughly at the way we speak and the way we do things. We’ve already looked at how the language we use shapes our beliefs and behavior in the meta-model guide and how we can find how a person thinks about a specific problem if we ask them certain questions.

Today we’re going to look at weasel words or words that people use in their speech to avoid commitment and save face later on when they fail to provide results and what we can do to change this. Read more ›

The power of reframing: turn disaster into opportunity


Bad things happen in life all the time. From something as insignificant as having a fight or losing a flight, to more dramatic events like losing your home, your job, having a friend or family member die, getting in a car accident and so on – everybody has had at least one event that has more or less had an impact on them.

As much as we’d like it to be, life isn’t all roses. Read more ›

NLP Modelling – A Practical Guide

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To follow the path, look to the master, follow the master, walk with the master, see through the master, become the master.

Hsin Hsin Ming


NLP is the study of excellence. Its aim is to find out how successful people do what they do so that we can come up with the same outcomes. “Success” here means the highest possible achievement level in their careers, art, communication or any other area of human endeavour where there are degrees of excellence. Read more ›

How to tell if someone is lying and how to avoid being caught


People perceive the world using three different representational systems: visual (pictures), auditory (sound) and kinesthetic (body feelings). Everybody has these systems but they all have a different preferred system. When we’re interacting with someone, we often drop hints about our preferred system. Talking to another person using his preferred system will lead to greater rapport and compliance between you. We like people who are like us. Read more ›

Turn mind-numbing, boring tasks into motivating and fulfilling ones

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I began “making money online” back in 2009 by writing articles for a guy who had a network of sites monetized with Adsense – a popular and profitable option at the time. But what I was doing really wasn’t writing. It was rewriting other crappy articles written by guys who were just as motivated as I was. It was mind-numbing work as each day I would have to come up with about 10,000 words on boring-ass subjects like “3 inch bamboo blinds”, “best wooden garage door” and “how to sell your settlement”. Stuff that you can’t really get excited about, not even with drugs. I got paid pennies while others were cashing in the big bucks. Yet, somehow, I stuck with it for a while and I never felt that I was slighted: I kept grinding, did the work and got paid. Read more ›

Asking The Right Questions Can Change Your Life – Exploring The Meta-Model

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Suppose you’ve got a problem and you’re at your wits end on how to go about solving it. Perhaps it’s a conflict with a close person or maybe you’re feeling stuck in a certain area of your life like your love life or your career. You feel helpless, without a clue on how to proceed and every thought you have seems like gibberish, only adding fuel to the fire… Read more ›

How to Eliminate Anxiety Before and During Sex

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There are few things we spend more time obsessing about in life than sex. Ever since the first seeds of it are sown in our minds during adolescence, for both males and females thinking about sex becomes a constant occupation for the mind. Living in a society that’s probably freer than ever before when it comes to talking about sex means that many of its myths have been debunked, many of its secrets uncovered. Men nowadays know what a clitoris is (at least some of them do!), while women are overall more adventurous and less prone to slut-shaming than they had been in the past. Read more ›

The Ultimate Guide To Shattering Approach Anxiety With NLP

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Approach anxiety. A subject all men are familiar with. We all know the feeling. You see a hot girl. Your natural wiring gets activated and sends signals to your body to prepare and do your best… but instead of going up and saying “Hi, my name is X”, you freeze. You start thinking of the best line you can use, whether it would “work” on her, you start wondering about whether you look alright, whether your prepared for this, soon enough you start rationalizing with thoughts such as “she would never go for me”, “I’m not feeling that confident today”, “she looks like a slut anyway”, “I’m not that kind of guy” and so on, creating barriers in your head that simply aren’t there. For some, even if they find the courage to walk up to her and open their mouth, they freeze right after the first line, overcome by negative emotions that kill any relaxation required to have a normal conversation.

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How To Put Any Woman Into a Trance

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Today I want to reveal a technique that you can use to put ANY woman into a trance.

“No way, that’s bullsh*t…” I can already hear some of you saying.

Truth is, this works on everybody, men included. While I won’t go too in-depth as to why this works, I will say that the main reason we can all be put into trance is because of our our neurological make-up aka our brain & nervous system aka what every one of us is born with (I hope). Like it or not, we’re all susceptible to this kind of technique… women more so (revealed why at the end).

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