NLP Modelling – A Practical Guide

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Put simply, what NLP wants to know is how a person becomes what he becomes. What are his beliefs and behaviors that define him. This information helps us achieve higher degrees of proficiency, gives us more options in life and ultimately more freedom. Freedom ultimately means having the power to choose.

How to tell if someone is lying and how to avoid being caught


People perceive the world using three different representational systems: visual (pictures), auditory (sound) and kinesthetic (body feelings). Everybody has these systems but they all have a different preferred system. When we’re interacting with someone, we often drop hints about our preferred system. Talking to another person using his preferred system will lead to greater rapport and compliance

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How To Make Any Behavior Addictive


The first association people usually have when they hear the word “addiction” is a negative one. A nicotine addiction for example gives you certain high but it also wrecks havoc on your health, not to mention that you also need money to sustain it. In this sense an addiction is something negative. But what if you

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