How To Put Any Woman Into a Trance

Alternative medicine therapist using hypnosis to heal his patien

Today I want to reveal a technique that you can use to put ANY woman into a trance.

“No way, that’s bullsh*t…” I can already hear some of you saying.

Truth is, this works on everybody, men included. While I won’t go too in-depth as to why this works, I will say that the main reason we can all be put into trance is because of our our neurological make-up aka our brain & nervous system aka what every one of us is born with (I hope). Like it or not, we’re all susceptible to this kind of technique… women more so (revealed why at the end).

But before we begin, I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine, Mike.

Mike told me about this experience he had whenever he visited a certain kind of site (no, not that kind!).

What would happen was that, as he was reading a random article, he became aware of certain things. As he read, he could suddenly be aware of the unique shape and darkness of each letter… as this was going on he became increasingly aware of the contrasting white background of the page. As he became aware of this, he could feel his right hand… and with this, the texture of the material his mouse was made from. And with this, he also started suddenly hearing the little voice in his head that was narrating the words he was reading. And as he became aware of that, he could slowly become aware of the rise and fall of his chest as he was breathing… and he could feel the slightest little nodding of his head, which was sitting at a slight angle… as he felt all this he could also feel his eye lids become heavier and heavier…


Did you experience anything just now?

Even though I’m not standing behind you, I will bet you a hundred dollar bill, that, depending on how carefully you were reading, you started to notice the things that I was talking about. You noticed the darkness of the letters, the contrasting white background, the texture of your mouse, the voice in your head along with your breathing and your eyes slowly becoming heavier.

Why did this happen?

It’s simple really. The only way to understand what someone is saying is by internalizing a bit of this experience inside you. Naturally and with no resistance, you began to experience what I was telling you to experience, because otherwise the words on the page would have made no sense to you. We all do this, to one degree or another when we are listening to what someone is saying.

Another CRUCIAL THING in all this ordeal is that at no point did I suggest that you experience these things, nor did I warn you in advance that I was going to do this. Because if I did, you would have been on guard and presented immense resistance, which would have made this technique incredibly hard to pull off. Instead of being direct and telling you to experience things, I presented you with an innocent story of someone else’s experience. I TOLD YOU ABOUT AN EXPERIENCE SOMEONE ELSE HAD, AND THE ONLY WAY FOR YOU TO MAKE SENSE OF IT WAS TO EXPERIENCE IT YOURSELF.

This is the exact same pattern and technique that we are going to use to put women into trance. This technique is known as stacking realities. The gist of it is that instead of issuing a direct command, you will use a direct or an indirect quote that another person has said. The easiest way to do this is through a story. The more stories (realities) you can embed in your original story, the more effective this technique becomes. So a basic way to do this is to start with a story about someone else, describing an experience using feelings and actions that you would want HER to take. It may sound too simple or too good to be true… but it is… and most importantly, it works. The more you do it and the more you experiment with stacking realities, the better you will get at it.

So how would you use this technique?

First of all, you want to be with her in safe place, devoid of any distractions. This is important as any interruption will significantly weaken the power of this technique. This is also why therapists prefer to work in a room, with the patient sitting comfortably in an armchair or bed. Ideally, you want to be with her at either your or her place, but it’s also possible to do it in public, albeit less effective. After a minute or two of chit-chat you will begin your story.

Here’s an example of how it could go:

YOU: Hey, did I tell you about my friend Rick?

HER: No. What about him?

YOU: Oh this is going to be fun. So Rick is an old friend of mine and he had this story he told me. Rick had girlfriend. They had been together for a very short period, like 2 weeks max… and whenever she heard someone talk, she started to notice some unusual things. Like, for example, she could become aware of the sound of his voice… and with that the ambiance in the room and all the other little sounds that she wasn’t aware of before… and as she was listening, she became aware of her breathing, her chest slowly rising and falling… and with this, she became aware of the slightest nodding in her head, which was just a tad heavier than it was before… and as she listened, she became even more aware of the deep and smooth richness of his voice… and how he was talking reaaaallllyyy slowllllyy… and with that she felt the pressure of her hand on the table… and then the she focused on the outline of his face… and as she listened to him, her attention would be captured by a unique detail on his face… whatever seemed to capture her attention at the moment… and as all this was happening she became more and more fascinated by what he was saying… becoming more immersed in the experience that she was having of him… as she kept listening she realized that she didn’t have to control anything… she could allow herself to relax as much as she wanted… and with this she could also realize that she was feeling a deep longing within herself for him… she was curious to know what it would feel like if he touched her softly across her face… (at this point you would reach out and touch her face with the back of your hand)…and as she felt this touch, her eyes closed with pleasure… and her breathing became deeper, and she felt the pounding of her heart… in rhythm with his deep, deep voice… and as he kept talking, she felt a slight tingle in her heart… and with that tingle a warmth in her chest began to spread… down her belly… and deep through her thighs… and she felt this she became more inflamed with that deep, rich warmth… until every cell in her body was screaming for him… and as this feeling completely overwhelmed her… the touch of his hand on her thigh… let her know that she would give herself to this man completely… give herself to him… at the time he chose to take her (at this point it would be safe to say that if she hasn’t jumped you already, you can go ahead and kiss her)

I guarantee you that if you do this correctly, and by correctly I mean that you take your time, do not rush and explicitly describe as many sensory experiences as you can… you WILL GET LAID. Don’t forget to repeat the thigh gesture later on in the evening to reinforce the anchor we have created. In NLP terms an anchor is an association or link if you will, that will cause the person to recall his/her entire experience whenever the associated trigger is felt/heard/seen.

Some of you might be wondering if you can do this if you’ve just met her, or if you’re outside, in public and there hasn’t been enough trust built for you to head home.

Yes you can.

The best way would be to adapt the story to include many elements that excite and thrill to the point of overload. Think about a story that would show a passion for life or an exciting and slightly dangerous adventure. You could tell her about your buddy who plays the sax and how he prepares all week long, practicing for 8 hours a day and how when he finally gets up on stage, you can almost slice the tension and excitement and when he begins to play he blares this loud, beautiful jazzy staccato of notes and how he’s sweating buckets just after 5 minutes of playing and as he continues to play he’s breathing erratically and the audience is just captivated by his masterful playing and all of this is amplified by the strong lights on stage and the clouds of cigarette smoke in the club and the performance of the other players. And when he’s done there’s a deep silence for about 10 seconds… and then the crowd just goes wild with applause.

Something like that. Use your imagination. You can tell almost any story, and provided that you include plenty sensory descriptors and you keep the words ambiguous to a degree (but not too ambiguous that she would interrupt to ask a question), I guarantee you that she WILL feel the excitement and associate it with you… even if it’s someone else’s experience you’re describing.

It depends on you when to use this approach. Like I said, you can do it when you’re alone or you can do right after you’ve met her. Adjust the technique to your situation and RUN WITH IT.

Does this work on men too? Absolutely! But women, on average, have a heightened sensitivity to “feeling” type stories (also the reason why the erotic novel is primarily a women’s market).

This is a very powerful technique that you can use to create very powerful emotions in the subject, and if done correctly, also create an anchor to recall the experience later. Although we gave the example of touch (on the thigh), the anchor can be a sound, smell or visual cue or a combination of these as well.

Remember, the trick with stacking realities is to build up a story that overloads the listener both logically and on the sensory level. You can include parallel actions, random events, stories within the story, different topics, different characters and so on. What this achieves is that it overloads the analytical mind, allowing for the unconscious to come to the surface so to speak, and to reveal her true desires.

Most importantly, practice! Do this with your friends and watch for their reactions. Hopefully, with enough experience you will have perfected one of the most powerful techniques to putting anyone into a trance.

Disclaimer: before some of you jump down my throat for revealing unethical hacks, know that this won’t work if you haven’t built rapport AND the action isn’t congruent with the person in cause. In other words, you won’t be able to make him/her do something that s/he doesn’t already want to do — all it does is accelerate the whole process.

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