How To Make Any Behavior Addictive


The first association people usually have when they hear the word “addiction” is a negative one. A nicotine addiction for example gives you certain high but it also wrecks havoc on your health, not to mention that you also need money to sustain it. In this sense an addiction is something negative.

But what if you could make a certain desirable behavior addictive, on purpose? Is it possible to have a positive type of addiction?

Let’s suppose that you have a tendency to put off work and generally are lazy. Is it possible to turn yourself into a workaholic? Read more ›

How I Turned Being Fired Into The Opportunity Of A Lifetime


I hated that stupid job. I remember it like it was yesterday, my boss yanked me into his office before I could even get to my desk. Without any warning, he blasted into me with just a few short breaths…

You’re fired!

That was the turning point, the nail in the coffin for me.  Fair enough I thought to myself. He was a total prick; nobody liked working for him. Tough to hear those words, but I saw it coming…I had a plan… Read more ›